marți, 16 noiembrie 2010

What Could I offer?

People start asking me what could I offer because they think I really want a lot of things from my “Mr. Right”. Well, Let’s see!!!

1.I am smart, ok? I guess  a man needs a smart woman beside him:>
2.I should be cute, right? At least for one boy…not for everyone:))
3.I will have money…one day…when I will be the next Anna Wintour.(Ok.You do not know who Anna Wintour is?Shame .:| Search on google. She rocks a part of my world.)
4.I would pay attention to his desires and wishes;
5.I am not funny but I can pretend I am;
6.I can help him when he does not find a fire exit;
7.I am romantic or I can be…I love candles so I guess I am :>
8.I am not sociable but I can try 
9.I would hate all his ex-girlfriends but I'd hide that
10.Is that not enough? I am the best for my future Mr. Right. I am waiting for him.

 What else should I offer?

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