sâmbătă, 13 noiembrie 2010

The list...

Every woman has a list of “qualities” that the perfect man would have to “have” in order to satisfy her. The list for my “would be boyfriend” is as follows.

He must:

1.      Pay attention to my wishes and opinions
2.      Be smart (or have some brains for a change)
3.      Be funny/ make me laugh
4.      Show me that I am the only one for him and make me feel special
5.      Be handsome (Hell yeah!!!!!)
6.      Stand beside me and guide me when I don’t know what to do
7.      Make me feel protected and confortable
8.      Love me (even when I’m not wearing any make-up, when my hair looks like shit and say that I look very sexy even if I gained some weight)
9.      Have money ( materialism is bad, but very necessary and even the priest doesn’t always do what he preaches…)
10.  Say that frogs are great :))

What is your list?
ps:Serena(my new associate helped me with my first english post...thanks:*)

2 comentarii:

lumi spunea...

cam multe vrei de la un baiat...nici tu nu te placi nemachiata,dar un baiat....

stii cum se spune... ce tie nu-ti place altuia nu-i face!

io nuj sa scriu in engleza...

broscutza zambareatza spunea...

esti romanca nu?scrie in romana..insa incearca sa nu mai folosesti jargonul(asa cred ca se nuumeste si-mi este sila sa dau un search pe google sa vad daca e corect)


si ce daca eu nu ma plac?sa ma placa el:))