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Dubbing is the post-production process of recording and replacing voices on a motion picture or television soundtrack subsequent to the original shooting. The term most commonly refers to the substitution of the voices of the actors shown on the screen by those of different performers, who may be speaking a different language. The procedure was sometimes practised in musicals when the actor had an unsatisfactory singing voice, and remains in use to enable the screening of audio-visual material to a mass audience in countries where viewers do not speak the same language as the original performers. "Dubbing" also describes the process of an actor's re-recording lines spoken during filming and which must be replaced to improve audio quality or reflect dialog changes. This process is called automated dialogue replacement, or ADR for short. Music is also dubbed onto a film after editing is completed.
Films, videos and sometimes video games are often dubbed into the local language of a foreign market. Dubbing is common in theatrically released film, television series, cartoons and anime given foreign distribution.
Dubbing is often used to localize a foreign movie. The new voice track will usually be spoken by a voice artist. In many countries, most actors who regularly perform this duty are generally little-known outside of popular circles such as anime fandom, for example, or when their voice has become synonymous with the role or the actor or actress whose voice they usually dub. In the United States, many of these actors also employ pseudonyms or go uncredited due to Screen Actors Guild regulations or a simple desire to dissociate themselves from the role. However, famous local actors can also be hired to perform the dubbing, particularly for comedies and animated movies, as their names are supposed to attract moviegoers, and the entire Hollywood cast may be dubbed by a local cast of similar notoriety.

  Dubbing only for children: Otherwise solely subtitles
  Mixed areas: Countries using occasionally full-cast dubbing otherwise solely subtitles
  Voice-over: Countries using usually one or just a couple of voice actors whereas the original soundtrack persists
  General dubbing: Countries using exclusively a full-cast dubbing, both for films and for TV series
Muster (rot-blaue Balken).png Countries which produce their own dubbings but often use dubbed versions from another country whose language is sufficiently similar that the local audience understands it easily. (Belgium and Slovakia)
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Pe scurt dubbing este un proces de inlocuire a vocilor actorilor de la tv, cu alti performari, care de obicei, vorbesc o alta limba.
Cum am ajuns sa vorbesc despr e"dubbing"?Uite asa! De ce scriu despre dubbing? In primul rand pentru ca sunt nervoasa pe mine. Avand in vedere ca studiez filmul, am discutat ,in special, si despre dubbing. Ce  este, de ce este utilizat si bla bla. Multe lucruri interesante.( de fapt despre marea majortitate am citit eu , in zilele mele bune, cand imi placea sa ma duc la biblioteca si sa stau acolo). Revenind, ma enerveaza ca nu pot sa sustin ori una ori alta. Adica sunt eu ed acord cu dublat filmelor in Romania sau nu? In primul rand nu as fi de acord pentru ca am crescut cu subtritari si pentru ca de multe ori snt nevoita sa ma uit la filme fara sonor.Apoi, mi se pare normal sa aud vocea actorilor (cum am mai spus imi place mult George Clooney, inclusiv vocea lui). De multe ori nu este dublat corect, astfel se pierde din inteles. De altfel, cunosc multi oameni care au invatat engleza din filme( chiar si eu am invatat cateva cuvinte de la filme),plus ca-mi amintesc vara in care m-am uitat la telenovele si stiam sa vorbesc (fara a sti gramatica) spaniola. Pe de alta parte , daca ar fi dublate filme,mai multi actori ar avea sansa sa se remarce.Pe deasupra asta insemana mai multe locuri de munca. Plus ca intram si noi in rand cu alte tari europene. Desi unii ar sustine ca va creste nivelul de analfabetism, eu nu sunt de acord. Nu invatam din filme sa citim(poate exersam), dar mergem la scoala. Problema mea  e ca ma contarzic si nu-mi place. Sunt eu de acord sau nu cu dublatul filmelor in romana? 

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